Andrea MacKinnon is a British/ Canadian artist based in London. She studied Fine Art and Art History at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and Acadia University in Canada.

"In the forest series, the viewer is presented with a reworking of the natural order in an almost unnerving manner. Leaves appear less as foliage, more as feathers. The trunks seem less constructed of bark, more of contorted bone. The effect within these few works is to reimagine the woodland not as a space of pastoral and romantic contemplation, but as a place where pagan rites, where mischief and folklore with their darker side can reign. That the trees are alone in their world creates a sense of unease and unsettling quietude."

Oliver McKinley   The Yorker Magazine, Autumn 2013

Selected Exhibitions

2018 Aeon Gallery, Hampstead, London

2017 Ministry of Nomads, Belgravia, London

2016 Sunday Up Market, Brick Lane, London

2014 Monochrome Drawings, The Freud Bar, Covent Garden, London

2013 Unity and Simplicity,  Norman Rae Gallery, York University, York

2012 Ornamental Status, 5th Base Gallery, Brick Lane, London

2012 York Open Studios, Corner Gallery, York

2012 Grays Court, York

2011 Open Studios, Bar Lane Studio, York